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We are always looking for new retail and hospitality partners. See quick details below and shoot us an email to wholesale@hardybeverages.com and our team will get back to you shortly!

Wholesale Program

Introducing HTWO to your store or place of business is simple. Super simple.

  • Low order minimums
  • Social Media Support
  • Free Shipping
  • Lead Time 4-7 days

Customer Service

Whether you're in need of assistance or looking to activate we have teams at the ready.

  • Team Education
  • Sales Support
  • Brand Activation
  • 100% Satisfaction

Our Products

HTWO was created for better performance and well-being. When you look at the facts, it's easy to get behind.

  • 0g of sugar
  • 0 sodium
  • Science-backed


How does the HTWO B2B Wholesale program work?

Simply send an e-mail to wholesale@hardybeverages.com

Can anyone register for a HTWO B2B Wholesale account?

  • Yes! We support businesses including bars, gyms, stores, and vending machine owners. We can only sell HTWO wholesale to other businesses that are planning to re-sell the product.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

  • Yes, the minimum order quantity is 6 cases.

Does HTWO need to be refrigerated.

  • HTWO does not need to be stored in refrigerated warehousing. We recommend selling it cold, mainly because cold water is so much more refreshing! Refridgeration does not affect the hydrogen content due to our state-of-the-art pouch.

What is the shelf life of HTWO products?

  • The shelf life is 12 months for HTWO original. It is 6 months for HTWO Nightlife Recovery.

Do HTWO products contain sodium or caffeine?

  • Nope. The hydrogen gas is the magic. Hydrogen gas is derived from its ability to enter the interior of your cells where metabolism occurs. No caffeine needed.

Can you drink too much HTWO or HTWO Nightlife Recovery?

  • Not at all. That's the plus side of our product. It's healthy for you and the hydrogen gas continues to support clean cellular energy that our body requires for proper function of its tissue and organs.

This is a new kind of product in my business that we are excited to introduce, how do I educate my team?

  • We provide you with a customer success team member that can host workshops and calls to make sure your team is confident in knowing about HTWO products. We also offer different brand materials for your social media and in-store locations as requested!

  USA Made Product


  Shipping from Memphis, TN