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Our flagship product HTWO™ hydrogen water was the first hydrogen-infused beverage in the USA. Since we were the first-movers in this new beverage category, our scientists were responsible for coordinating with the FDA to establish the regulatory guidelines for hydrogen-infused beverages. HTWO™ hydrogen water was born from science. 

Carolyn Chism Hardy, a leader in the beverage industry, led in moving the initial product HTWO and Hydrolyte Nightlife Recovery from science to product and launched the Hardy Beverages Family of Brands, a wholly black-owned and woman-owned business.

Following the acquisition, Whitney Hardy joined the brand ownership to lead innovation and brand development.

What exactly is a hydrogen-infused beverage?

A hydrogen-infused beverage is a drink that is infused with hydrogen gas, which is also known as molecular hydrogen (H2). These drinks also go by the name hydrogen-enriched beverages and hydrogen-rich beverages.

What is hydrogen gas, or molecular hydrogen (H2)?

Hydrogen gas is a molecule, and a molecule is a group of two or more atoms held together by a chemical bond(s). Molecular hydrogen is composed of a bond between two hydrogen atoms (H-H) and is represented by the scientific symbol H2. Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table, which signifies that a hydrogen atom is the smallest of all atoms and that molecular hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe. Hydrogen gas powers the stars, rocket ships and BMWs, and it can help fuel your body, too.

Is hydrogen gas (H2) considered natural?

Interestingly, yes! Even though we do not consume a considerable amount of hydrogen gas from breathing Earth’s atmosphere, which is not rich in molecular hydrogen, we naturally receive hydrogen gas produced from microbes that symbiotically live within our bodies. Some microbes digest the food we eat into hydrogen gas, while other microbes use this hydrogen gas as an energy source. Meanwhile, the body absorbs some of this molecular hydrogen as blood transports the dissolved gas into the cells of our organs and tissue. The ability to rely on this microbial-produced H2 is dependent on many factors (your diet, stress levels, recent activities, illnesses, prescription drug use, etc). Hydrogen-infused beverages are an effective and easy way to deliver an additional source of hydrogen gas to your body on demand.

Is drinking molecular hydrogen safe? Is it OK to drink hydrogen gas while pregnant?

Yes! Medical scientists have not identified negative side effects from the consumption of hydrogen gas in ready-to-drink beverages. Molecular hydrogen is absorbed by your body, where it circulates within and flows freely into cells until your lungs exhale this hydrogen gas as you breathe.

How often should I drink HTWO™ beverages? Can I drink too much molecular hydrogen?

Drink at least a HTWO™ pouch daily, although you can feel free to drink at your leisure. For best results, make HTWO™ hydrogen water a part of your daily routine. Athletes are suggested to drink an additional serving before and after high-performance activities. There is no limit to how much you can consume as part of a responsible hydration routine.

How are hydrogen-infused beverages different than natural water sources or bottled water that already contain hydrogen atoms?

H2O is the scientific symbol used by scientists to depict the molecular structure of water. These letters and numbers indicate that a single molecule of water contains one oxygen atom that is chemically bound (physically attached) with two hydrogen atoms. This combination of three atoms produces a unique set of properties that we perceive as water and are vital to the functions and structures of the human body. It is important to note that even though we consume oxygen atoms when drinking water (H2O), our bodies still require us to breath molecular oxygen gas (O2) from the earth’s atmosphere. Similarly, our bodies obtain unique health benefits from the consumption of molecular hydrogen gas (H2). Hydrogen gas is not present in our atmosphere in abundance like the oxygen gas we breathe daily, so natural water sources and bottled waters do not contain hydrogen gas at levels that scientific studies show are effective in providing health benefits.

Do HTWO™ beverages contain calories?

Our products are completely calorie-free!

What are some of the health benefits associated with molecular hydrogen?

  • Boosts endurance
  • Minimizes lactic acid buildup
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Reduces fatigue

Where can I find a list of medical universities and institutes that have researched the health benefits of molecular hydrogen?

The biological benefits of molecular hydrogen have been documented in Japan since 2007, and there have been hundreds of additional studies conducted and published by medical scientists from all around the world in the following years. Visit the following websites to gain more information about the science behind the health benefits of hydrogen gas:

Who should drink hydrogen-infused beverages?

We craft HTWO™ beverages to be the hydrogen-infused drink of choice for everybody: a parent looking after their health and the well-being of their family, a weekend warrior looking for energy and endurance, or a professional athlete looking for a natural advantage to reach their full potential. 

HTWO™ beverages are for:

  • People who care about what they drink
  • People who want high performance and function from their beverages
  • People who rely on their bodies to work
  • People who are looking for answers

HTWO™beverages are currently sought after by high-performance athletes across a full spectrum of sports.

  • Mike Conley Jr. – NBA®, Memphis Grizzlies®
  • Darren McFadden – NFL®, Dallas Cowboys®
  • Sanya Richards-Ross – Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field®
  • Jeff Henderson – Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field®
  • Roxroy Cato – USA Track & Field®
  • Keni Harrison – USA Track & Field®
  • Antoine Adams – Saint Kitts and Nevis Track & Field®
  • Erica Bougard – USA Track & Field®
  • Mikele “Miki” Barber – USA Track & Field®
  • Sydney Conley – University of Kansas Track & Field®
  • Jay Wright – NFL®, Minnesota Vikings®
  • Clinton McDonald – NFL®, Tampa Bay Buccaneers®
  • Demetrius Harris – NFL®, Kansas City Chiefs®
  • Zachary Phillips – St. Louis Cardinals Organization® (Minor League)
  • and many more

Why do HTWO™ beverages come in a pouch and not a can or a glass bottle?

The HTWO™ pouch is unique. This functional package is composed of barriers that ensure hydrogen gas remains in the beverage until you are ready to consume it. Other bottles and cans are not effective at containing hydrogen gas. Aesthetically, HTWO™ products are the first beverages in the United States to be branded in a quad-seal pouch (also known as the four-sided pouch). As the official trade dress for HTWO™, the square pouch is a distinguishing factor from all other beverages, so you can be assured that these hydrogen-infused beverages of choice are authentically produced by HTWO Beverage Company™. Moreover, the pouch gets cold and stays cold for those who prefer their beverages refrigerated.

Is there any BPA in the pouch or in any of the components used to manufacture the water?

We are proud to say that our manufacturing processes are completely BPA-free from start to finish!

What do beverages taste like when they are infused with hydrogen gas? Are they carbonated or sparkling?

Our customers often describe HTWO™ beverages as crisp, clean and refreshing. HTWO™ products taste as pure as their ingredients: purified water infused with ultra-pure hydrogen gas. The terms “carbonated” or “sparkling” are reserved for drinks that contain a significant concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2), such as carbonated soda or sparkling water. Much like carbonated beverages are infused with carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen-infused beverages are infused with hydrogen gas (H2). A key distinction of dissolved hydrogen gas is that these molecules are present as nano-bubbles that are too small to be seen by the human eye or felt as we drink. This perceptual distinction between “carbonation” and “hydrogenation” is a key reason why athletes make HTWO™ beverages their drink of choice.

Are there any special directions for drinking HTWO™ beverages? Should the pouches be refrigerated? Can I pour hydrogen-infused beverages into a cup?

  • Drink it how you like it. There is no absolute need to refrigerate. If you decide to refrigerate, the pouch was designed to get cold and stay cold.
  • Consume it immediately after opening a pouch. The HTWO™ pouch was specially designed to keep hydrogen gas in solution until you are ready to drink. Once the cap has been removed, hydrogen gas will slowly begin to leave the beverage and inadvertently diffuse out into the atmosphere. To receive the maximum benefits, we recommend drinking the entire contents of each HTWO™ pouch within 30 minutes of opening.
  • It is best to drink straight from the pouch. We do not recommend pouring hydrogen-infused beverages into a cup or glass because hydrogen gas will quickly escape, leaving you with pure water that lacks any molecular hydrogen.
  • Recap the HTWO™ pouch only after you squeeze the package to ensure that all air has been removed.

How do I buy it online? Can I go online and purchase HTWO™ hydrogen water in bulk for home delivery?

Bulk packs of HTWO™ beverages can be purchased online from Hardy Beverages at You can schedule the direct delivery of a monthly auto-shipment subscription to your home or business, or as a gift to a friend or favorite athlete!

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