An Elegant Solution to a Complex Problem





The key ingredient that is common to all HTWO™ hydrogen water products is hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen gas is a scientific yet natural way to support your metabolism without the use of sugars, caffeine, or other counterproductive additives. To deliver you hydrogen gas and its benefits, we crafted a collection of hydrogen-infused beverages that are packaged within our unique pouch. 

The square shape of each pouch is a trademark design of all HTWO™ products that you can rely on to know that you are receiving a premium hydrogen-infused beverage from Hardy Beverage, LLC. The pouch is constructed with barriers that keep hydrogen gas inside your beverage until you are ready to open. Moreover, this pouch is an eco-friendly package with less greenhouse emissions as compared to traditional beverage packaging. When you are finished drinking, the flexible (BPA-free) pouch can be folded and stored in your pocket for easy storage. Be square when it comes to your drink of choice. 



Sourced with Care

Ingredients: Pure and Environmentally Conscious


We deliver you hydrogen gas that is of ultra-pure quality to ensure you get the most benefit. But we don’t stop there. Environmetnally conscious, we infuse this hydrogen gas in premium water collected from a 40 million-year-old aquifer underneath Memphis, Tennessee—a buried treasure in the truest sense. Raindrops move downward into this abundant water reservoir a mere inch each day as unique properties of its geological layers act as one continuous filter. The pureness of this water source gives HydrogenWater™ beverages a taste that is crisp and refreshing while delivering you the benefits of hydrogen gas.