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Boosting Your Workout: How Hydrogen Infused Water Enhances Physical Performance

Boosting Your Workout: How Hydrogen Infused Water Enhances Physical Performance

Consuming regular water can definitely aid in balancing electrolytes, normalizing blood pressure and maintaining other vital bodily processes during your workout.

However, in the 1960s, Japanese scientists devised an incredible method to give regular water even more power, creating an effective and safe workout performance enhancer — water enriched with hydrogen.

Check out how the science behind hydrogen-infused water and how HTWO can help heighten your physical performance to a whole new level.

The Incredible Science of Hydrogen-Infused Water

Several studies have shown that water with added hydrogen is the safest and most effective way to increase ergogenic possibilities. 

In addition, using hydrogen water for athletic performance is currently the safest way of hydrogen ingestion.

But how does hydrogen-infused water work?

In simple terms, hydrogen's strength lies in its ability to go where other antioxidants might struggle to — right into the heart of our cells, reaching the nucleus and mitochondria.


How You Benefit From Hydrogen Water According To The Research

Besides the evidence-based link between hydrogen water and physical endurance, there are more advantages associated with the use of hydrogen water.

Take a look at the key benefits of hydrogen water for exercise that will help you grasp the full potential of this element:

  • Reduced fatigue. Hydrogen-infused water was shown to have an anti-fatigue effect and increased endurance during aerobic exercises.
  • Soothed inflammation. Hydrogen-rich water can help support muscles during and after workouts and provide anti-inflammatory effects that help prevent muscle cramps.
  • Supported electrolyte balance. Hydrogen-enriched water ensures the electrolyte balance in your body, helping you maintain focus, stamina, energy, blood pressure, and body temperature.
  • And while hydrogen-infused water is known for its benefits in physical activity, its positive impact extends beyond exercise. 

    Numerous studies have highlighted how hydrogen in water can positively contribute to overall health:

  • Improved gut health. Hydrogen water might also strengthen the protection of the gut barrier, improve microbiota, and bolster the immune response, as indicated by the study.
  • Enhanced mental health. Hydrogen-rich water might help improve depression and anxiety, according to another study.
  • Anti-aging effect. Finally, hydrogen water was linked to improved brain performance and extended lifespan, as shown in the study.
  • On the whole, hydrogen-infused water is a natural and productive way to upgrade your physical performance, mental health, gut well-being, and longevity.

    Boost Your Physical Possibilities With HTWO

    Premium hydrogen and water gathered from a 40 million-year-old aquifer underneath Memphis — are the key ingredients in HTWO products. 

    Enabling you to enjoy the benefits and possibilities of hydrogen anywhere, we’ve developed an extremely convenient way to take your infused water wherever you go. Our water is packed in foldable, eco-friendly pouches that you can store and carry in your pockets.

    Enjoy your fitness boost with HTWO hydrogen-infused water; browse our collection!

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