All The Not-So-Little Things Water Helps Your Body Accomplish

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It’s the elixir of life.

We all know that water vital for human existence. In fact, you can’t survive more than a few days without drinking it. But have you ever wondered about all of the little-yet-important things it helps your body accomplish? If you ask us, the laundry list is nothing short of impressive. Here are a bunch of the functions good ol’ H2O allows your body to complete on a daily basis.

Water makes proper digestion possible.

Drinking enough water not only balances your stomach fluids, but also helps you absorb all of the nutrients you need from the food you eat. It also ensures that you produce a healthy amount of saliva to begin breaking down your food in the first place.

Water assists your circulation.

When you’re properly hydrated, your blood is better able to travel throughout your body at the ideal rate, supplying each organ, muscle, tissue and cell with the nutrients it needs (like oxygen) to function. It also benefits your blood pressure.

Water helps you maintain the ideal body temperature.

Your skin is porous and therefore consistently loses water through perspiration, and your excretory system ditches water as it eliminates waste. So when you drink water, you let these processes perform their jobs without leaving you dehydrated.

Water energizes your muscles.

When cells don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes, they shrivel, which commonly leads to muscle fatigue. But when you’re properly hydrated, you’re giving these cells what they need to thrive.

Water keeps your kidneys healthy.

These organs are all about cleansing and ridding your body of unwanted toxins, especially blood urea nitrogen, but they can only do that if you drink enough water to support them.

Water makes going to the bathroom that much easier.

Maintaining proper hydration levels keeps your gastrointestinal tract running smoothly, thus preventing unsavory things like constipation.

Water keeps the soft tissues of your body hydrated and comfortable.

We all know how annoying dry mouth, dry eyes and dry sinuses feel, but if you make sure you’re downing enough H2O every day, you’re likely to struggle with these symptoms a lot less.

Water protects your brain and spinal cord.

When you’re properly hydrated, that extra fluid acts as a cushion around these sensitive areas, helping you avoid unwanted damage as you move through daily life. Similarly, it helps to keep your joints and cartilage lubricated, reducing any pain in those areas you might be feeling as well.

Water gives you energy.

Yes, even though it contains zero calories, water helps you ward off feelings of fatigue (a common symptom of dehydration) and it even helps you avoid migraines since dehydration can be triggering for those painful episodes.

Water keeps your immune system happy.

If you want to keep colds and congestion at bay, keep downing those glasses throughout the day. H2O helps your cells do what they need to do, meaning those that are protective can do a good job of warding off harmful germs and bacteria.

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