5 Cheap And Easy Ways To Stay Hydrated While Traveling

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Skip that $5 water bottle at the newsstand.

Travel season is officially here, which means it’s time to take advantage of the sunny weather and your summer Fridays and jet off for a long weekend away from it all. But with travel comes a common health issue: dehydration. It’s tough enough to remember to down enough H2O at your desk, let alone battle that dry, recycled airplane air and those long hours spent navigating various terminals. But if your destinations remain within in the United States, you can rely on these five cheap and easy ways to stay hydrated throughout your journeys this summer.

1. Bring your reusable water bottle everywhere.

Yes, you can take an empty Nalgene bottle through any security checkpoint, and every airport has filtered water fountain stations (usually located near the restrooms) so you can refill as much as you’d like for free. Since you get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, prioritize drinking your water as you wait to board that plane.

2. Skip the sugar.

There’s no need to buy that $3 soda at the newsstand — it’ll only make you more likely to get dehydrated. Plus, there are so many better ways to sneak in your sugar indulgence while on your vacation. Instead, pack a few citrus fruit slices in a reusable plastic bag and create your own flavor infusions after hitting that water fountain. (FYI: The same logic applies for booze. It costs more on airplanes and in airports and only wreaks havoc on your hydration levels, so wait until you get to your final destination to kick off that happy hour.)

3. Bring some chia seeds, too.

If you can get down with the texture change to your beverage, toss a tablespoon of chia seeds into your water bottle. They don’t really change the taste, but they do help your body hold onto water rather than sending you running to the restroom every 15 minutes. To make them more palatable, combine them with your fruit infusions.

4. Take advantage of complimentary beverage services.

You aren’t limited to one cup of free water on most flights. So when that flight attendant circles back around for that second (or third) pass through the cabin, request another water cup refill. You should drink about 8 ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air. The more you drink up on that plane, the better you’ll feel when you land. And you want to hit the ground running on your getaway, right?

5. Snack on fresh fruit.

Here’s another item that can make it through all national security checkpoints. Fruits like oranges, melon, mango and grapes are just as hydrating as they are tasty, so dig in and enjoy the double benefit. Some are obviously easier to transport than others, so pick which fruits work best for you and your carry-on style and nosh away.

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