Everyday Benefits of Hydrogen – Part 2

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As we read in part 1 of this post, we often can’t control life – our responsibilities and schedules can be overwhelming. We run from meeting to meeting, from work to home, often not making our health and wellness the priority it should be.

While not claiming to cure diseases, medical studies have shown that hydrogen-rich water:

… Increases energy

Staying hydrated is essential. Without water, the molecule of life, you cannot live. “Water is one of the most unique molecules known to man and also one of the most important to biological systems.”

Study after study shows that hydrogen water improves energy by reducing free radicals that are detrimental to our health.

… Eases recovery after exercise

From running to yoga to hiking to spin class, we like to keep in shape. Unfortunately, intense exercise is also paired with an increase in blood lactate levels, which is the reason for muscle soreness as well as fatigue and is often followed by injuries.

Studies of athletes show that hydrogen-rich water is a healthy option for staying hydrated during exercise, reducing the elevation of blood lactate so you can exercise harder for longer with less risk of injury.

Testimonials by molecular hydrogen users back this up.

… Improves metabolism

Everyone burns calories at a different rate, but it can be disheartening to have a slow metabolism, especially if it results in weight gain, or even diabetes.

Studies show that the use of hydrogen water can increase metabolic function.
Hydrogen water is now available for everyone. HTWO, an odorless, delicious water is held in a special pouch that doesn’t allow the molecular hydrogen, infused into the water, to escape. We recommend drinking one pouch a day, giving you maximum results.

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