Everyday Benefits of Hydrogen – Part 1

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As healthy as we want to be, we often can’t control life – our responsibilities and schedules are often overwhelming. We run from meeting to meeting, from work to home, often not making our health and wellness the priority it should be.

Do you ever find yourself …

  • Too tired to play with your kids after work?
  • Not often getting a good night’s sleep?
  • Looking or feeling older than you are?
  • Frustrated with decreased metabolism?
  • Fatigued after exercising?

If you can say yes to one or more of these questions and want to improve the quality of your life, it is worth your time to look at the benefits of drinking hydrogen water. While not claiming to cure diseases, medical studies have shown that hydrogen-rich water:

… Is great for the skin

When you’re tired, your face looks tired. It could be a result of stress, aging, poor diet or lack of sleep, but a dull complexion reduces your natural beauty.

Besides making positive changes – adding daily exercises, getting proper sleep and making sure to eat your greens – add hydrogen water to your daily beauty routine.

Studies show that molecular hydrogen water is great for skin. In Japan, where hydrogen water is fast growing in popularity, testimonials state that complexions have become “lighter and clearer” and dark circles have been reduced.

… Has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits

Inflammation can be painful, especially when living with joint pain, joint stiffness or arthritis. Coping with arthritis is especially challenging because of the chronic pain, which can disrupt a person’s lifestyle in so many ways.

A study of molecular hydrogen water in 20 patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed that the use of hydrogen water “effectively reduces oxidative stress in patients with this condition. The symptoms of RA were significantly improved with high H2 water.”

By decreasing oxidative stress, hydrogen also aids in slowing down the aging process.

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Hydrogen water is now available for everyone. HTWO, an odorless, delicious water is held in a special pouch that doesn’t allow the molecular hydrogen, infused into the water, to escape. We recommend drinking one pouch a day, giving you maximum results.

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