“I am a type one diabetic…”

HTWO Hydrogen Enriched Water Retailer

I am a type one diabetic and just like all other diabetics, keeping blood sugars in line is difficult. I began drinking HTWO after my brother recommended it to me. I began seeing results after a few days. The water curbed my appetite so I was eating less and was able to lower my dose of insulin and in turn keeping my blood sugars in a normal range. Not only did I see improvements in my life as a diabetic but also in my active life. I would drink HTWO after a work out, after my normal work outs I am usually tired and become sore the next day but after drinking HTWO, I was energized and never felt sore! I would highly recommend HTWO to anyone! HTWO goes beyond what you’re expecting, and fixes things you didn’t even know needed fixing!

– Ali

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