How You Can Help With The Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

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It takes a village.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc all along the coast of the Carolinas over the weekend, dumping inches upon inches of rain throughout the Southeast, ruining homes and destroying power miles and miles of power lines. As the major storm comes to a close, it’s important to remember that the folks evacuated from these areas are far from done dealing with the remnants of such powerful winds and catastrophic flooding. So here are five different ways you can pitch in with the relief effort that will have a direct, positive impact on the storm-struck population as soon as possible.

Participate in an American Red Cross blood drive.

The American Red Cross is in significant need of blood donors, as banks of its supplies have been funneled to the relief effort to help those affected by Hurricane Florence. So if you’re feeling healthy, look up your local donation station and schedule, and make an appointment today. Even if you have a more common blood type, every donation matters.

Contribute to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Florence relief fund.

GlobalGiving is a nonprofit crowdfunding organization that supports grassroots charity projects on the ground in affected areas, and it has launched a Hurricane Florence relief fund. The fund supports immediate relief efforts like food, water and medicine. The remnants will go toward more long-term efforts like helping people rebuild their homes once the flooding recedes.

Lend a hand at local chapters of the American Humane Society.

When thousands of families evacuated their homes, not everyone could take their beloved pets with them. And stray and shelter animals suffer an even worse fate than those with loving owners. While emergency responders are helping to evacuate dozens of cats and dogs from the Carolinas’ flooded coasts, you can support local chapters by donating funds, volunteering, fostering animals to make room in the shelters for others or even adopt one permanently.

Donate to Americares.

Americares is a health-focused disaster relief organization that deployed a response team to North Carolina before Florence made landfall. Its primary goal is to supply emergency medical needs on the ground to people impacted in real time. To support this organization’s efforts, consider making a financial donation, which would be used to provide additional emergency medicine supplies to those in need right now.

Pitch in to the North Carolina Disaster Fund.

The team behind the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund is ready to address any unmet needs of the local communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. You can either donate financially to the fund or register to serve as a volunteer (they ask that you don’t self-deploy but rather wait for them to tell you where they can best use your assistance). If you’re local to the southeast region, the fund could be a great option for lending a literal helping hand this week and in the coming weeks.

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