HTWO & the Amateur Athlete – Part 2

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While not claiming to cure any disease, hydrogen water is being used by professional athletes who are seeing tremendous results. Maybe you’re not a professional athlete, but an amateur athlete who’s training for an upcoming event. The good news is that hydrogen water is now available for all of us.

Marathons and half-marathons have been growing around the country – and the world – by leaps and bounds. Amateur athletes are also participating in triathlons, cycling events, and other grueling endurance events.

In addition to the physical and mental effort needed to train for and compete in an endurance event, let HTWO be a part of your training process – and in particular, as you will read in this article, include it on the day of your big race.

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Dr. Johnson and his wife run at least 5 mornings a week with a local running group. He has also implemented the use of HTWO in his athletic training.

“I did a Google search, because as a physician I’m used to reading journals. I looked up some articles and found it interesting and thought it was worth a try. Having read the science, I believe the science is true; it makes sense and I thought it was worth trying.”

“As I was preparing for the Nashville marathon, I would drink one container a day before I ran and I did the same as I was training for the Paducah run. At that run, you could set up your own refreshment stand to replenish since that race went round and round, and I had 2-3 [pouches of HTWO] during the race.”

“I guess that was the time where I could notice the most difference, when I was drinking it during the ultra-marathon. The reason I’m even considering the 50-mile run is because I felt so good at the end of the last one. It was definitely better than I expected to feel and I felt I had more in the tank that I could have done. I think HTWO played a part in that for sure.”

Lactic Acid Build-up: The Enemy of Endurance Events

As Dr. Johnson said, “Anyone who does endurance events knows that the enemy of endurance events is lactic acid buildup, which is a byproduct of anaerobic metabolism. When you get out of breath and you’re not getting enough oxygen in to support the amount of energy you’re burning, you start burning in an anaerobic environment and that’s when lactic starts building up.

“Lactic acid is what makes your muscles sore, it’s what makes you so fatigued afterwards and potentially cramping and what makes you so prone to injury. Lactic acid build-up is when injuries occur. So the beneficial effects, from the studies I’ve read, actually show they’ve measured the lactic levels after doing intense exercise in a small group of athletes. It did show that hydrogen water, compared to placebo water, reduced lactic acid build-up after that exercise.”

“Part of an athlete’s training is to build up your aerobic metabolism so that you don’t build up lactic acid. And, if you have another tool that can diminish that just by the water you drink, it makes sense. I would recommend HTWO to endurance athletes, and to amateur athletes who are just trying to stay healthy.”

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