HTWO & the Amateur Athlete – Part 1

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While not claiming to cure any disease, hydrogen water is being used by professional athletes who are seeing tremendous results. Maybe you’re not a professional athlete, but an amateur athlete who’s training for an upcoming event. The good news is that hydrogen water is now available for all of us.

Marathons and half-marathons have been growing around the country – and the world – by leaps and bounds. Amateur athletes are also participating in triathlons, cycling events, and other grueling endurance events.

In addition to the physical and mental effort needed to train for and compete in an endurance event, let HTWO be a part of your training process – and in particular, as you will read in this article, include it on the day of your big race.

Studies have shown that hydrogen-rich water prevents elevated blood lactate levels during heavy exercise. What does this mean for the amateur athlete? It means that you can exercise harder, for longer periods of time, without getting as fatigued as you would without the benefit of hydrogen-water.

HTWO is the leading, patent-pending process of a hydrogen option where the molecular hydrogen is infused into the water. It’s held by special pouch that doesn’t allow it to escape, making it extremely portable for easy use by athletes.

david_johnsonAn everyday athlete’s story

Dr. David Johnson, an orthopedic surgeon who lives and practices in Jackson, TN, is also a husband and father who was more than 50 pounds overweight over a decade ago.

“I got to the point where I had to do a very minimal amount of exertion and could hardly breathe. I decided if I couldn’t get back in shape, I was going to be dead before my children graduated from high school,” he remembers.

His wife, a long-time triathloner and half-marathoner, helped him lose the weight and begin exercising.

When asked why he chose to train for such grueling events, Dr. Johnson answered, “I’m not very self-motivated; I need a carrot dangled in front of me, a goal. If I don’t have a race I’m training for, it’s very easy when the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m., I pretty much turn it off and go back to sleep. I plan my next race before I run my upcoming one so when one’s done I have the next one to train for. As much as I enjoy the benefits of it, I still tend to slack off.”

He’s lost track of the number of half-marathons he’s run. He’s competed in Memphis in May, an Olympic distance triathlon, as well as Three States, Three Mountains, a Century (100 mile) bike ride, in Chattanooga, TN. He’s run marathons in his hometown of Jackson, in Nashville, Phoenix, New Orleans, New York and multiple times in Chicago. Just last month, he participated in Run Under the Stars, an all-night run in Paducah, KY.

“From 8 p.m. – 6 a.m. you run as much as you want to around a horse track. You encounter a lot of different people; it wasn’t as monotonous as it sounds. I ran 31 miles in 5 ½ hours, which was my goal. Next, I’m signed up for the Lean Horse 100 in Custer, SD, a 50-mile race I’m training for now,” David said.

To find out more about endurance events and the benefits HTWO provides to athletes, read the rest of Dr. Johnson’s story in part 2 of this blog.

Find out more or order HTWO now and begin ramping up your endurance today.

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