How Hydrogen Fights Fatigue

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When you drink a pouch of HTWO water, molecular hydrogen is absorbed optimally throughout your body, resulting in a renewed youthful vitality and energy. Through clinical studies and personal testimonials, ingestion of molecular hydrogen has been shown to reduce fatigue by improving cellular efficiency, reviving tired muscles and increasing overall energy.

Toxin flush

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to help your body operate more efficiently. When toxins from pollution, processed food and other impurities get locked in your body, your body has to work harder just to keep going. This makes you feel listless and exhausted – lacking the energy to enjoy the fullness of life.

Even though steps have been made to improve our environment with cleaner air and you may have turned to organic foods, we still live in a toxic age – you can’t remove yourself from modern life. HTWO water helps flush toxins at the cellular level while rejuvenating your core … bringing your body back the efficient running it was meant to be.

Blood lactate levels and fatigue

Besides helping to flush toxins from your system, HTWO can increase your energy by helping you perform significantly better without feeling fatigued … whether you are simply going about your hectic day, trying to keep up with your schedule or engaging in strenuous exercise.

Studies have shown that molecular hydrogen water helps keep blood lactate elevation down during heavy activity. This results in increased energy and endurance so you can accomplish more for longer and also enjoy a faster recovery in your down time.

Increasing overall energy

Molecular hydrogen stimulates your overall energy metabolism. It helps your joints and increases mobility. Providing your body with HTWO molecular hydrogen water empowers your body in healing itself – and through healing, fatigue is released from your core and an energy remnant of your youth is restored.

Recommendations for drinking hydrogen water

We recommend drinking 1 serving of HTWO Hydrogen Water per day for boosting natural cellular energy. Athletes are suggested to drink an additional serving before high-performance activities to prevent fatigue from accumulation of lactic acid and inflammation. Consume within 30 minutes of opening.

Professional athletes have already found that HTWO empowers their physical performance, reduces fatigue and revitalizes their muscles. Now the rest of us can also experience the revitalizing power of HTWO’s increased muscle function and recovery time.

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