The Best Way To Press Reset After Thanksgiving

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See ya next year, Mr. Turkey…

We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday as much as we did, which means you ate your weight in your favorite festive foods and are now feeling incredibly blegh. But don’t fret — you can reboot your body surprisingly easily by following some super simple steps. You’ll be back to your normal self (and prepping for the next round of holiday festivities) in no time.

Ease back into your fitness routine.

We tend to spend most of the holidays especially sedentary and loading up on calorie-heavy foods, which can throw off any exercise or weight loss goals you might be working on. But instead of beating yourself up about enjoying a few days in the present moment with your family and friends, just get back on that horse — and gradually. A long brisk walk can do you a lot of good, so if you’re not quite ready to kick it into high gear with sprints or heavy lifting, just listen to your body and get moving in a way that feels good to you.

Keep H2O by your side.

Thanksgiving foods are loaded with sugar, salt and fat, all of which can contribute significantly to uncomfortable bloating, feelings of lethargy and more. So to fend off those unsavory symptoms, keep reaching for your water bottle in the days following the feasting holiday. It’ll help your body process and get rid of the things that aren’t serving it faster, helping you get back to feeling like your normal self more quickly. Herbal tea (and even green tea if you’re in need of a little caffeine boost) are also great hydrating options.

Reach for fresh produce.

After you’ve scarfed down all the various forms of potato, bread and dessert you can handle, you’re probably not in the mood for another serving of pumpkin pie, right? We know we’re usually jonesing for a huge, fresh salad when the carb-loaded holiday weekend comes to a close, so go ahead and give in to that craving. Eating a little bit lighter, but with nutrient-dense foods, is a great way to re-balance those scales (both literally and figuratively) without feeling starved or wrecking your metabolism. After a few days of meals like soups, salads and yogurt parfaits, you’ll be able to handle (and enjoy) the heartier stuff.

Focus on your breathing.

It’s amazing how much deep breaths can accomplish. They reduce your stress levels, aid proper digestion, alleviate anxiety, carry plenty of oxygen throughout your body and more. So as the holiday madness winds down, and before the next round begins, prioritize a little mindfulness and keep those deep breaths coming. They’ll help you adjust both physically and mentally quicker and stay calm and collected, no matter what comes your way.

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