5 Festive Ways To Get Your Hydration On This Holiday Season

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It’s undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year, from the chilly weather outside to the decorations in your living room to all of the goodies awaiting in you in the kitchen. So why not jazz up your hydration game, too? There are plenty of ways to give your body what it needs while also treating your taste buds to what they crave. Here are five of our favorite picks that keep us feeling fueled and festive throughout the holiday season.

1. Homemade Chai Spice Tea

Time to swap your standard English breakfast tea for a brew full of holiday spices! Chai tea will still give you the black tea-based caffeine kick you crave when starting your morning, but it’ll also thrill your senses with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and black peppercorns in the process. Talk about a serious flavor upgrade!

2. Cider-Spiked Seltzer

This one is for all the LaCroix addicts out there. Instead of drinking your virgin bubbly all by its lonesome, pour an ounce or two of fresh apple cider into your glass alongside the seltzer for fun. You won’t experience a total sugar overload with this portion size, and the festive switch-up will make your taste buds truly believe in Christmas magic.

3. Pomegranate & Mint-Infused Water

Health nuts, rejoice: You, too, can enjoy the flavors of the holidays without compromising on your wellness goals. Simply pour purified water into a pitcher, add a cup of pomegranate arils and a quarter cup of fresh mint leaves, and let the water infuse overnight. When you wake up, you’ll have the most refreshing glass of water waiting for you.

4. Gingered Golden Milk

Golden milk, or turmeric milk tea, certainly had its moment in the sun last year, but we especially enjoy it around the holidays when we can really make good use of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Even better: Add some extra ginger to the blend for all the stomach-soothing, immune-boosting goodness your body can handle. Not to mention, it smells and tastes incredible.

5. Champagne With A Splash Of Tart Cranberry Juice

When the time comes to give the toast during your holiday feast, what will you have in your glass? We like to indulge a little during this time of year, but we also like the kidney-supporting perks that tart, no-sugar-added cranberry juice can add to our Champagne flutes. A little spritz of the stuff will transform your glass with a festive red hue, create a zing of sourness that balances out all of that bubbly sugar and make you feel healthy and decadent at the same time. Cheers!

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