5 Of The Best Ways To Kick Off The Start Of Fall

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There’s just nothing like that autumnal glow.

The summer heat is finally shifting to a crisp, cool breeze, we’re trading the glowing green grass for a rainbow of mountain foliage, and refreshing citrus notes are being replaced with pumpkin pie spice. We’ve officially launched into autumn, friends, and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy this beautiful, transition season over the course of the next few months. To kick it off in true fall fashion, here are a few fun, healthy ways to appreciate the recent equinox.

1. Head out for a hike.

The leaves are already starting to take on vibrant red, orange and yellow hues, so get outside and enjoy them in their prime. Regardless of whether you’re an urban dweller taking a train to a semi-local hiking trail or a suburbanite excited to hop in the car for a little road trip, now is the time to take it all in. Pick out a new trail you have yet to try, grab a few friends and tasty trail mixes and immerse yourself in all of that fresh air.

2. Play a little in the kitchen.

The fall season brings with it so many delicious flavors that can create fun twists on your favorite recipes. From apples to pumpkin to butternut squash, your sweet and savory options are endless. We love visiting our local farmers market to pick out the best in-season produce and spending an afternoon deciding what we want to create with it all. And if you’re not the most experienced chef, you don’t have to make it incredibly complicated. Even just roasting raw pumpkin seeds for a seasonal salad topper will help you get into the fall spirit.

3. Spruce things up a bit at home.

We know spring cleaning is the more popular choice, but taking a day in the early fall to clean out your summer clutter can be one of the best ways give yourself a fresh start before hunkering down for the winter. It also leaves room for warm and cozy fall decor — candles, gourds, you name it. So do a little scrubbing up front, donate a few boxes of things you never use and treat yourself to some fun, seasonal shopping. Sounds like a fair trade to us!

4. Finally give meditation a try.

The season change is a powerful, compelling time to finally get in touch with the present moment. The air feels fresher on your skin and cooler in your lungs, Mother Nature gives you all sorts of visual eye candy to feel grateful for and the pace of life seems to slow down just enough for you to acknowledge it and enjoy it. Take advantage of this transition and practice mindfulness in whichever way that compels you for five to 10 minutes a day. We guarantee that it’ll boost your mood and lighten your outlook on life.

5. Spend quality time with the people you love most.

The beginning of autumn signals that the holiday season isn’t too far away, but you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to gather with your family or friends and show them how much they mean to you. From hosting a fall-themed dinner party to suggesting that you visit your town’s local fall festival together, enjoy this opportunity to connect more deeply with your tribe. No matter where you live, we know there isn’t a shortage of fall-themed activities to try.

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