How To Keep Cool On This Fiery Fourth Of July

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Water, water everywhere. 

The nation’s birthday is coming in hot on Wednesday, with temperatures across the country hitting some pretty extreme highs. So while we’re all about the backyard barbecuing, midweek quality time with family and friends, and illuminating firework shows, we also want to make sure that we stay safe and healthy on this intense day in the sun. With that said, here are some easy, go-to tips for keeping cool and comfortable on this year’s fiery Fourth of July.

Keep those coolers stocked.

Honestly, your hydration options are way more important than those indulgent holiday eats when the heat and humidity are soaring. So in addition to your favorite adult libations (which are refreshing but dehydrating), keep chilled water, seltzer, lemonade and more at the ready. The more ice, the better — that way, you can use some to cool off the skin on the back of your neck in addition to keeping the refreshments nice and cold. Seriously, you can never have too much ice.

Keep water-rich foods at the ready.

Barbecues are notorious for rich, salty and sugar-laden foods, but weather like this calls for as much hydration as possible. Chilled fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes are true lifesavers, and less-traditional options like a tomato gazpacho or even a blend-your-own smoothie station can help all of your loved ones fuel up and hydrate at the same time. Plus, they all taste amazing alongside the rest of your picnic favorites.

Aim for the shade.

We know that golden glow is coveted by many, but on steaming hot days like this one, you’re better off protecting your skin as much as possible by setting up shady spots ahead of time. It’ll keep you from losing extra water through sweat, help you avoid unwanted sunburn and skin damage, and make you feel generally more comfortable if you plan on spending the entire day outdoors. Umbrellas, big trees and wide-brimmed hats are your friends.

Don’t be afraid to get wet.

Since you’re already out to celebrate, why not take a page from your childhood book and make water part of the playful fun? For those of you who don’t have lucky access to a pool, prep for a water balloon fight, keep the garden hose at the ready to surprise your swimsuit-clad guests and adjust that sprinkler timer to cool off the party in the peak heat of the afternoon. Maybe just give your guests a heads up that they don’t need to dress to the nines for America’s birthday this year…

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