Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen?

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HTWO is a Metabolic Drink with health benefits that are derived from a high concentration of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen. Water is the method (or delivery vehicle) that HTWO uses to deliver its key ingredient – Molecular Hydrogen – that freely floats between these water molecules.

Common Question:  Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen?

Answer:  Water does not naturally contain Molecular Hydrogen.

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Indicated by its position as the first element in the Periodic Table, a hydrogen atom is the smallest element in our Universe. Single atoms of hydrogen do not occur naturally on Earth; although, molecules of pure hydrogen atoms do occur naturally on Earth – as Molecular Hydrogen.

A molecule is any substance that contains two or more atoms (whether the atoms are of the same element or different elements).

Molecular Hydrogen is commonly referred to as Hydrogen Gas, which chemists depict by the symbols H2 to signify the molecule is composed of a bond between only two atoms of hydrogen (H-H). When circulating in the blood or packaged in pouches of HTWO (Hydrogen Water), Molecular Hydrogen is dissolved and freely floats between the water molecules. Water is one of the most well-known molecules. Chemists depict water by the symbol H2O to signify that the molecule contains one atom of oxygen (O) and two atoms of hydrogen (H2) – each of the two hydrogen atom is bonded, separately, to the oxygen atom (H-O-H).

Most people know Molecular Hydrogen as the powerful fuel that is currently used for space exploration and as a ‘greenalternative of the future. Molecular Hydrogen has recently been shown to boost cellular metabolism and relieve inflammation, as discussed in additional articles on

Molecular Hydrogen is a rare gas in the atmosphere of Earth, which has not always been the case. Biology evolved in the presence of Molecular Hydrogen in Earth’s atmosphere and water. Scientists are in general consensus that Earth’s atmosphere was once rich in Molecular Hydrogen when the planet was younger.

“CU Study Shows Early Earth Atmosphere Hydrogen-Rich, Favorable To Life”

The early atmosphere of Earth could have contained up to 40% Molecular Hydrogen – a potentially much more hospitable environment for the formation of early life. Over time, being lightweight and its small size has caused Molecular Hydrogen to diffuse away from Earth and lost into outer-space.

Molecular Hydrogen is now a rare gas in Earth’s atmosphere, and, thus, water on the surface of Earth is generally devoid of Molecular Hydrogen. Water naturally becomes dissolved with molecular gases that are exposed to its surface or when agitated with a molecular gas. Most surface water contains dissolved gases such as molecular nitrogen (N2) and molecular oxygen (O2).

Life such as humans have adapted to new sources for Molecular Hydrogen (as will be discussed in a future blog post – ‘Molecular Hydrogen – Nature’s Approach to Cellular Metabolism’).

HTWO (Hydrogen Water) – a Metabolic Drink that is based on Molecular Hydrogen infused in purified water.

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