5 No-Sugar-Added Beverages You Need To Try

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Because you need a little more than water sometimes.

We all know by now that water is the best beverage out there for our bodies. After all, it’s what keeps us alive. But we could all use a little flavor in our drink choices from time to time. Unfortunately, that attempt to mix things up a bit often means dumping a ton of added sugar into our cups.

So if you’re searching for some fun new drink options that don’t toss in any unnecessary sweet stuff, look no further. Here are five no-sugar-added beverages you need to try.

1. Spindrift Sparkling Water

If you’re in the mood for both fruit infusions and carbonation, Spindrift will hit the spot. The only ingredients used here are triple-filtered sparkling water and little splashes of real fruit juice. With eight refreshing flavor options to choose from, you’ll never feel bored with your water again.

2. GT’s Raw Kombucha

This water alternative packs a major probiotic boost, making your hydration game even stronger. A lot of fermented kombucha drinks use a fair amount of added sugar in the flavoring process, but GT’s raw kombucha avoids that crutch in each of its varieties. From gingerberry to cayenne lemonade, there’s a gut-healthy blend here for everyone.

3. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Not all coconut waters are created equal. Some of them come from the tropical fruit entirely while others are made from concentrates and additives that aren’t exactly the picture of health. But Harmless Harvest contains just one ingredient — 100 percent raw coconut water. It can’t get any more simple (or nutritious) than that.

4. Pure Leaf Unsweetened Green Tea

Iced tea is an excellent way to spice up your water game, but if you’re buying it in prepackaged bottles, you run the risk of drinking a lot more than just brewed herbs and leaves. Pure Leaf, however, delivers iced green tea the way it should be enjoyed — without added sugars or colorings. It tastes crisp and clean, nixing that bitter aftertaste that often comes with your own at-home brew.

5. Purity Organic Superjuice

And if you’re really craving juice, these packed fruit-and-veggie blends will surely hit the spot. They do have sugar, but all of it comes from the produce that is squeezed into each bottle — no fake additions here. There are four flavor varieties, but the kale, coconut water, apple and spinach combo is the best for getting all of those green benefits while hydrating.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your local supermarket and stock up on these beverages that both taste and feel good to supplement all of that wonderful water you drink each day. Your body will thank you.

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