4 Of The Best Resolutions You Can Make As We Glide Into 2019

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It’s not always about eating healthier and getting into better shape.

As we near the start of 2019, what are you envisioning for your New Year resolution? If you’re sticking with the same old promises to eat more vegetables and less sugar and become the fittest version of yourself over the course of the next 365 days, listen up. We have four wellness-based resolutions that are far simpler to tackle and will transform your life even more than you can imagine.

1. Be forgiving.

Research has found that holding grudges can damage your heart and shorten your lifespan because of the additional stress it creates in your life, so make 2019 the year of letting go. Forgive those close to you for the mistakes they’ve made and, most importantly, forgive yourself for the ways in which you’ve previously felt that you don’t measure up. The sooner you can accept the landscape of your life as it is, the sooner you can make magic happen within it.

2. Choose happiness.

You probably already know that life isn’t dictated by the things that happen to us, but rather how we react to them. So set the intention to approach each moment and decision in this next year with a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness, and when you can see a positive path option right in front of you, take it. Let negative emotional baggage become a distant memory of your past and watch your emotional boundaries with others become that much healthier in the process.

3. Search for a sense of grounding.

Moving forward, when you feel stress and anxiety creeping up and rattling your nerves, make a point to focus your attention downward and feel your feet on the floor. Breathe deeply, keeping your focus on the sensation of your feet connecting with the ground beneath you. And as you work with this technique, start carrying it into other aspects of your daily life — the way you move through your work commute, how you spend time in nature on the weekends and the way you feel when you’re in the company of others. Every bit of grounding helps.

4. Channel your inner child.

Our world seems to only grow increasingly dark and dangerous, so do your best to tip the scales the other way in 2019 by enabling yourself to fuel your creativity and sense of gratitude. Play, be silly, laugh and dance just because you feel like it. When those thoughts of “Who’s watching?” or “I shouldn’t be doing this…” start to creep in, block them out. Own your life in the exact way that you want, and you’ll have zero regrets. You’ll also end up that much more resilient to the toxicity that surrounds you.

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