Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrogen Rich Water

Q: What is HydrogenWater™?

HydrogenWater™ is the brand name for a hydrogen infused water that is produced by HTWO™. Hydrogen infused water is a new beverage category that infuses hydrogen gas into beverages that often also go by the names of hydrogen enriched beverages or hydrogen rich beverages. Hydrogen gas is dissolved into these beverages, and, much like carbonated beverages that are infused with carbon dioxide gas (CO2), this hydrogen gas will be delivered into your body when consumed properly or inadvertently released into the atmosphere if not properly consumed.

HTWO™ is created using a unique, patent-pending process that packages purified water infused with a significant concentration of molecular hydrogen gas. The HTWO pouch acts as an effective barrier that ensures the beverage retains its packaged concentration of molecular hydrogen until you are ready to consume.

Q: What are some of the health benefits associated with molecular hydrogen gas?

A: Health benefits include:
• Boosts Endurance
• Reduces Lactic Acid
• Reduces Fatigue
• Provides Antioxidants

Q: What is molecular hydrogen gas?

A: Molecular hydrogen is a molecule, which is a group of two or more atoms that are held together by a chemical bond(s). Molecular hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in our universe because it is composed of only hydrogen atoms. As the first element in the periodic table, hydrogen is the smallest of all the atoms. Molecular hydrogen is composed of only two hydrogen atoms. This exclusive combination of two hydrogen atoms cause molecular hydrogen to be a gas in our everyday environment, and thus molecular hydrogen is also commonly called hydrogen gas or represented by the written symbol H2.

Q: How is HTWO™ HydrogenWater™ different than regular H2O, which already has hydrogen in it?

A. H2O is the chemical symbol for how scientist write the molecular structure of water. The letters and numbers in H2O indicate a single molecule of water contains one oxygen atom that is chemically bonded (physically attached) with two hydrogen atoms. The unique combination of these three atoms give water its unique properties that are vital to the functions and structures of the human body.

Even though oxygen atoms are available to our bodies in the form of water (H2O), we still require our lungs to breath molecular oxygen gas (O2) from Earth’s atmosphere. Similarly, our bodies obtain unique health benefits from the consumption of molecular hydrogen gas (H2).

Unlike oxygen gas (O2) that is rich in our atmosphere and thus often found dissolved at relatively high concentrations in natural sources of water, hydrogen gas (H2) is rare in Earth’s atmosphere and thus we don’t consume much molecular hydrogen from the air we breath or the water we drink. Natural sources of water generally do not contain the concentrations of molecular hydrogen that scientific studies have shows are effective in providing the health benefits associated with the gaseous nutrient.

Q: What else is in HTWO™ HydrogenWater™?

A: We assessed all of the most powerful electrolytes, extracts, essential vitamins, and super fruit juices and didn’t let them anywhere near our product. We gathered all of the latest trends and replaced them with the most ancient element in the universe: molecular hydrogen gas (H2).

Q: Who should drink HTWO™ HydrogenWater™?

A: HTWO™ is already being used by high-performance athletes, including Olympic gold medalists and other professional athletes, but soon it will be available to everyone.

HTWO is for:
People who think about what they put into their bodies
People who want high performance bodies
People who want their bodies to work
People who are looking for answers


Q: Who is drinking HTWO™ HydrogenWater™?

A: HTWO™ is being used by high-performance athletes across the full spectrum of sports, including Olympic gold medalists and other professional athletes, and now HTWO is Available For Every Body™.

  • Mike Conley Jr. –NBA®, Memphis Grizzlies®
  • Darren McFadden –NFL®, Dallas Cowboys®
  • Sonya Richards-Ross –Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field®
  • Jeff Henderson –Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field®
  • Roxroy Cato –USA Track & Field®
  • Keni Harrison –USA Track & Field®
  • Antoine Adams –Saint Kitts and Nevis Track & Field®
  • Erica Bougard –USA Track & Field®
  • Mikele “Miki” Barber –USA Track & Field®
  • Sydney Conley –University of Kansas Track & Field®
  • Jay Wright –NFL®, Minnesota Vikings®
  • Clinton McDonald –NFL®, Tampa Bay Buccaneers®
  • Demetrius Harris –NFL®, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Zachary Phillips –St. Louis Cardinals Organization® (Minor League)

Q: How much hydrogen infused water do I need to drink?

A: Each HTWO pouch is specifically designed to provide you 16.9 ounces (500 milliliters). We recommend drinking at least one pouch per day. Athletes are suggested to drink an additional serving before high-performance activities to prevent fatigue from the accumulation of lactic acid.

Q: Can I drink too much molecular hydrogen gas from hydrogen infused waters?

A: You can drink HTWO at your leisure as you would any other beverage. Molecular hydrogen gas is absorbed by your body where it circulates and flows freely into your cells. Any extra of this hydrogen gas is passively released into the air we breath.  We recommended drinking at least one HTWO pouch daily and any additional pouches according to your individual needs. Let the HTWO flow!

Q: Are there any special directions for drinking HTWO™ HydrogenWater™?

A: Recommended Directions: Consume immediately after opening of the pouch. The HTWO pouch was specially designed to retain its packaged molecular hydrogen gas until intended to be consumed. Once the cap has been removed from the pouch, hydrogen gas will slowly began to leave the beverage and inadvertently diffuse into the atmosphere. We recommend drinking the entire HTWO pouch within 30 minutes to receive its maximum benefits. If you would like to recap the pouch after opening, squeeze the package to ensure all air is removed before recapping.

Q: Is HTWO™ considered carbonated or sparkling?

A: HTWO is not a carbonated or sparkling beverage. The terms carbonated or sparkling denote that a beverage has a significant concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) such as a carbonated soda or sparkling water (etc., tonic water). HTWO™ is infused with molecular hydrogen gas, an elemental gas that is the smallest and lightest molecule in our universe. When dissolved into a beverage, molecular hydrogen gas is present as nano-bubbles that are too small to be seen by the human eye or felt as we drink, so the water is tasteless and refreshing, while being suitable for drinking during athletic activities.

Q: What does HTWO™ taste like?

A: Our customers often describe HTWO as crisp, clean, and refreshing. HTWO is as pure tasting as its ingredients of purified water infused with a stock source of ultra-purified molecular hydrogen gas.

Q: Why does HTWO™ come in a pouch?

A: The HTWO pouch is unique in many ways. Our choice of a pouch is functionally important in ensuring that HTWO delivers its packaged concentration of molecular hydrogen gas into your body. HTWO pouches have been designed to contain an effective barrier that retains this elemental gas until you are ready to open and consume.

Aesthetically, HTWO was unique as the first beverage to introduce the quad-seal pouch, also known as the four sided pouch to a mass market in the United States. As the official trade dress for our HTWO pouch, the square pouch distinguishes HTWO™ HydrogenWater™ from all other beverages that are currently available in the United States.

Q: Where can I buy HTWO™ HydrogenWater™?

A: HTWO is packaged in a 16.9 ounce pouch (500 ml) that is sold individually or in bulk within a FridgePack that each contains seven HTWO pouches (118.3 oz). This FridgePack was designed to easily fit a supply of HTWO into your refrigerator.

HTWO is sold online in addition to traditional retail stores across the country. Identify retail locations near you by visiting our store locator page (click here). For your convenience, you can order from our official HTWO.com website (click here) to schedule the direct delivery of a monthly auto-shipment of four FridgePacks (28 HTWO pouches) to your home or business -or even a friend! You can also use the keyword “HTWO” to order any specific quantity of FridgePacks from Amazon.com (click here).

Q: I’m a retailer interested in selling HTWO™ HydrogenWater™. How do I get more information?

A: If you are interested in distributing or reselling HTWO, please visit our retailer page.

Q: Where can I find a list of the medical universities and institutions that have researched the health benefits of molecular hydrogen gas?

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