Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrogen Rich Water

Q: What is molecular hydrogen and hydrogen water?

A: Molecular hydrogen is two hydrogen atoms chemically bonded together, with each hydrogen atom containing 1 proton and 1 electron. Combined together, they form molecular hydrogen – a gas. Hydrogen water is water that contains this dissolved gas.

Q: How is this different than regular H20, which already has hydrogen in it?

A. Although regular H20 contains hydrogen, it doesn’t contain the hydrogen gas with concentrations of hydrogen that studies show are effective in providing many health benefits. HTWO Hydrogen Water generates a spectrum of health benefits from a boost in cellular metabolism, working at the core of our metabolic process.

Q: What else is in HTWO Hydrogen Water?

A: We assessed all of the most powerful electrolytes, extracts, essential vitamins, and super fruit juices and didn’t let them anywhere near our product. We gathered all of the latest trends and replaced them with the most ancient element in the universe: hydrogen.

Q: Who should drink HTWO Hydrogen Water?

A: HTWO Hydrogen Water is already being used by high-performance athletes, including Olympic and professional athletes, but soon it will be available to everyone.

HTWO Hydrogen Water is for:
People who think about what they put into their bodies
People who want high performance bodies
People who want their bodies to work
People who are looking for answers

Q: What are some of hydrogen's benefits?

A: Health benefits include:
• Muscle Performance: Improves exercise-induced decline of muscle function
• Anti-Fatigue: Reduces blood lactate levels
• Anti-Arthritic: Decreases joint inflammation
• Tissue Healing: Improves wound healing

Q: How much hydrogen water do I need to drink?

A: Our pouches are 500 ml, which is ample for one day. We recommend drinking one pouch per day to receive its health benefits. Athletes are suggested to drink an additional serving before high-performance activities to prevent fatigue from accumulation of lactic acid and inflammation.

Q: Can I drink too much hydrogen water?

A:You can drink HTWO at your leisure as you would any other beverage. Molecular hydrogen is absorbed by your body and circulated in your body where it flows to your cells. Let the HTWO Flow!

Q: What are the directions for drinking it?

A: Recommended Directions: Consume within 30 minutes after opening. We recommend drinking 1 serving of HTWO Hydrogen Water per day for boosting natural cellular energy.

Q: Is it carbonated/sparkling?

A: Hydrogen gas is infused as nano-bubbles that are too small to be seen by the human eye, so the water is tasteless and refreshing, suitable for drinking during athletic activities.

Q: What does it taste like?

A: HTWO Hydrogen water is delicious, refreshing, odorless, and tasteless. It is the purest tasting water you’ll ever drink.

Q: Why does it come in a pouch?

A: HTWO Hydrogen Water is created using a unique process that infuses significant amounts of pure molecular hydrogen into ultra-purified water. Our patent-pending HTWOPouch™ ensures that HTWO Hydrogen Water delivers a high concentration of hydrogen into your body, 250 µg to 750 µg Hydrogen (0.5 ppm to 1.5 ppm H2). This special pouch holds the hydrogen gas and is an effective barrier so that no seepage can occur.

Q: Where can I buy HTWO Hydrogen Water?

A: HTWO can be bought on our website here and will soon be available at a retailer near you. HTWO can be purchased in cases containing ten units of the 16.9 oz HTWOPouch™ or by monthly auto-shipment.

Q: I’m a retailer interested in selling HTWO Hydrogen Water. How do I get more information?

A: If you are interested in distributing or reselling HTWO Hydrogen Water, please visit our retailer page.

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