HTWO in the news: Memphis Business Journal

HTWO Hydrogen Enriched Water Retailer

In the news: Memphis Business Journal
Headline: New energy drink gets its own boost from Mike Conley
This article was published October 21, 2015 by Michael Sheffield

A product originally designed to help cancer patients recover from treatment has become a staple in the Memphis Grizzlies’ locker room, thanks to the team’s floor general.

Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley has invested in HTWO, a hydrogen-infused water, after his father, Mike Conley Sr., introduced him to Cody Cook, a Ph.D. candidate who developed it.

Five years ago, Mike Conley Sr. was approached by Cook, who had developed a way to infuse more hydrogen into water. The concept, according to Cook, is the body can generate more energy when it ingests more hydrogen because the element helps convert digested food into energy with less waste.

Mike Conley Sr., a former track star, said he got interested after Cook explained the science to him. Conley Sr. helped launch the company, serving as its CEO.

But Mike Conley Jr. had to make sure HTWO had clear benefits before he introduced it to the Grizzlies locker room.

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